Phase Missiles are powerful missile weapons used by the Vasari. They are small warheads that are capable of performing micro-phase jumps to breach an enemy's shields. They are very common on most Vasari warships.


Phase Missiles are vastly different from the missiles used by TEC vessels in function and appearance. While the terran missiles utilize a run-of-the-mill rocket design, Vasari Phase Missiles are built with a smooth teardrop-shaped appearance, and are much smaller than the former's missiles. The missiles are crafted by nanorobots that can work out flaws in the missile at the molecular/atomic level. Since the missile itself is not very effective against shields, the hull and micro-phase drive enables it to bypass the shields of enemy craft and strike at the hull directly.

Used ByEdit

  • Kanrak Assailant (Vasari Assault Frigate)
  • Junsurak Sentinel (Vasari Anti-Fighter Frigate)
  • Kortul Devastator (Vasari Battleship)
  • Skirantra Carrier (Vasari...Carrier)
  • Antorak Marauder (Vasari Support Capital Ship)
  • Vulkoras Desolator (Vasari Juggernaut)
  • Vasari Fighter
  • Vasari Bomber

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