The Phindians are a race of tall, mournful humanoids with fair skin and long, rubbery arms. Phindians are distinguished by their eyes, which are yellow with red streaks. They are native to the planet Phindar, and are sometimes referred to as Phindar. They are a race of isolationists, preferring to remain on Phindar and keep other peoples off their planet. However, they realized that interstellar trade was good for their planet, and suffered through it. As a people, Phindians maintain strong family ties, and can be stubborn in virtually any aspect of their lives. They are known be sarcastic and often contradictory in their communications with other races, and are prone to exaggeration. As a race, the Phindians are noted for their advanced technology, which includes the memory-altering techniques that became the basis for the Renewal process.

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