Pie (パイ Pai?) comes to Earth with Tart to aid Kish in preparing the planet of the arrival of Deep Blue.[48] He is calm and analytical during his initial attacks on the Mew Mews, scientifically escalating the "mortality rate" of each chimera anima he sends and, when they are defeated, noting that "stronger tactics will be needed".[14][24][48] Unlike Kish and Tart, Pie does not outwardly express his emotions often, and rarely smiles even when taunting the Mew Mews.[52] After Deep Blue's defeat, Pie and the others return to their world.[20] In the anime adaptation, Pie kills Tart for his disloyalty when Tart protects the Mew Mews, but sacrifices himself to protect the Mew Mews after Deep Blue destroys their base and all of the chimera anima.[42] He is revived with the final release of mew aqua at the end of the series.[50] His voice actor is Nobutoshi Kanna. In the Mew Mew Power English adaptation his name is changed to Sardon and he is voiced by Pete Zarustica.[53]

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