Pirate Homeworld
Universe Metroid Universe
System Unknown
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Unbreathable
Primary Terrain Wastelands (Constant acid rainfall)
Notable Species Space Pirates, Utragian Shriekbats, Scritters, Puffer

The Pirate Homeworld is the homeworld of the Space Pirates.

Features Edit

The Pirate Homeworld is plagued by a steady stream of acid rain, harming any creature without proper protection. The planet was also hit by a Leviathan. What makes this case remarkable is that the Phazon corruption spread extraordinarily fast, possibly from the Space Pirate's interactions with the Seed. The Homeworld was also protected by a gigantic shield, which Samus Aran had to deactivate in order for the Federation's assault to commence. When the Leviathan was destroyed, the planet's corruption was stopped.

Areas Edit

The planet includes the Space Pirate Command Center, a research facility, a mining site and the Pirate Homeworld Leviathan. In the Command Centre, there are two doors in one room that cannot be opened. It is likely that these doors lead to the Pirate's living quarters, or High Command. Various large tunnels are present too, probably allowing Pirate Cargo Drones access to the rest of the base. Samus was able to navigate these tunnels using her Gunship, allowing her to move between the sections of the facility quickly.

Inhabitants Edit

While the planet's most abundant lifeforms are Space Pirates, Phazon Metroids and a few other bioforms dwell on the planet as well, such as Utragian Shriekbats and Scritters, who thrive in the sheltered areas throughout the Space Pirate complexes, despite the inhospitable weather conditions. Another species that may originate here are the Korakk Beasts. A possible plant that may have grown on the planet is the highly toxic Bajar Grove, since it and the pirates are stated as having alkaloid in their systems. A number of mechanical creatures also reside on the planet, like the Puffer Mines which have been cybernetically enhanced to survive the rough conditions.

A number of deceased wildlife can be found and scanned in various places where Pirate experiments have gone wrong, such as in the Scrapvault, where one such example has been woven into the Pirate structure.


  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (First appearance)

Trivia Edit

  • The Bounty Hunter Gandrayda also makes an appearance here in a boss battle. The Leviathan on the planet is guarded by Omega Ridley, an enhanced and revived version of Meta Ridley corrupted by Phazon.

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