Pisccis Volann
Pisccis Volann 2
General Information
Homeworld Piscciss
Locomotion Bipedal(out of water)
Diet Carnivores
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Pisccis Volann are an extraterrestrial race from the watery planet Pisciss. With their powerful tails and slimy scales, Volanns are capable of incredible speed and agility in the water. Volanns have huge mouths filled with rows of razor-sharp teeth that can chomp through almost anything, and their lower jaw unhinges to allow them to swallow objects in a single bite. Alternatively, Volanns can use their claw-tipped fins to rip their enemies to shreds. Volanns can also withstand a remarkable amount of pressure, and their luminescent danglers allow them to see in the darkest of depths. Being creatures of the sea, Pisciss Volanns cannot stay on dry land too long, though older Volanns can stay much longer than younger ones. Volanns must keep their gills wet or they'll dehydrate and die.

Abilities Edit

Pisciss Volann aliens are water based aliens with, their primary ability is can swim really fast in the water.
Their appearance shows them to have gills,antennas on their head for deep sea diving, their teeth are external and have an even more powerful jaw that can bite through strong metal. Also their bodies are covered in protective scales and claws on their appendages. On land they can form their fish tails into legs for walking.

Weaknesses Edit

Their weaknesses are they cannot stay in the land too long, if Pisciss Volann aliens wanted to stay in the land longer, they required water to keep them from dehydrating, if they don't get water in the land, they will out of breath.
This form can only stay near fire or other hot objects for a few seconds.

Gallery Edit

Notable Members Edit

  • Ripjaws
  • Pisccis Volann Prisoners
  • Magister Pike
  • Pisccis Volann Guards & Citizens 
  • Magisters Patellidey


  • They opportunistic predators like Earth's tiger sharks.
  • Piscciss Volanns don't always need to wear water helmets to stay hydrated. Some take oxygen pills to stay on land longer.
  • Younger Volanns have external jaws, but become more internal when they get older.
  • The Piscciss Volanns share their home planet with another race, the Piscciss Premann.
    • The Volanns and Premann were once at war with the Pyros.
  • Known to shredding and ripping (hence the name "Ripjaws") with jaw strength, able to unhinged their jaws and biting down with extreme bite force.

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