The Pitrillistians are a race of large, imposing beings hailing from the planet Pitrillistia, in the Mieru'kar sector. They are a peaceful people who communicate through a series of musical buzzes. The Pitrillistians are marked by the fact that they have two completely different fine manipulator limbs — the left is more insectoid, while the right is more humanoid.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Pitrillistians are sapient humanoids who stand seven feet tall and have purple, two-piece shells. Under these carapaces, they have small wings that allow them to communicate. They use their proboscises to extract minerals from fluids. The species' anatomy features two completely different fine manipulators. The left is more insectoid in nature, sporting two long pincers. The right, however, boasts a more humanoid hand with four fingers, which allow them to wield blasters and the like. Their feet end in sharp claws. The Pitrillistian face is red, with green hair along the snout. On either side of the head are two large bluish-white horns, which hang down to the individual's hips. Between their shells is a large tuft of brown fur, and on either wrist is a similar tuft of white fur.

Society and cultureEdit

Pitrillistians wear brightly-colored clothing, which makes them an imposing sight to other sapients. They are a peaceful people, and speak in a language that consists mainly of musical buzzes created by their wings. Pitrillistians can wield blasters and carry staffs.


The Pitrillistians are native to Pitrillistia, a world located on the edge of the galactic border, in the Mieru'kar sector of the Outer Rim Territories. By 4 ABY, the species' homeworld had fallen into territory controlled by the Imperial faction known as Oversector Outer; however, the region was largely neutral by 7 ABY.

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