Planet 4546B
4546B from space
Galaxy Milky Way
Region Ariadne Arm
System 4546
Suns 1
Moons 2
Orbital position 2nd
Class Category 3 Ocean planet
Atmosphere Oxygen and Nitrogen Rich
Climate Aquatic
Behind the Scenes
Universe Subnautica Universe
Planet 4546B is the name given to a mostly aquatic planet discovered by Humans during a terraforming mission, but had crashed within the ocean.

Overview Edit

Planet 4546B is located in the outer reaches of the Ariadne Arm and is the second planet from the star 4546. The known planet is completely covered in water, except for a few islands, and features a variety of submerged biomes. There is also a large frozen landmass on the opposite side of the planet, as seen when the Neptune Escape Rocket maneuvers in space.


A planet mostly covered in water, most of its biomes consists are mostly consisting of underwater-based habitats. Some of these include coal reefs, shallow seas and open oceans. Land is hard to come by, and the only true examples of land are found in the form of small tropical island outcrops scattered in the planet surface.

Precursor Race Edit

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Around 1,000 years ago, An alien race simply known as the Precursor Race arrived at Planet 4546B, setting the planet up as a research outpost in order to find a cure for the Kharaa Bacterium.

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Subnautica Fauna

Various lifeforms from Planet 4546B

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