Leeds was one of the first planets settled in Bretonia after New London. It is a rich world, abundant in useful mineral resources, making it a prime target for Bretonia's industry. Today, it is a heavily industrialized planet, covered in cities, mining sites, smelters, and refineries.


From orbit, Leeds is a rust-brown marble, a result of the pollution from hundreds of industrial complexes. Amidst the thick smog, bright lights from the dense cities can be glimpsed. The planet surface itself is virtually eclipsed by the vast, towering cities, but it can be guessed that it is arid and rocky.

The cities are built in a fashion resembling European churches, with buildings adorned with spires, buttresses, gargoyles and stained glass windows. The smokestacks from the many factories on Leeds belch out smog that covers the sky with sickly brown clouds, most of which has even escaped into space and formed two nebulae in orbit of Leeds.

Life on LeedsEdit

The serious environmental impact of industries on Leeds have made life quality poor at best. The factories and mines operated by Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing (BMM) have arguably the worst working conditions in Sirius, rivalling their Rheinland counterpart, Daumann Heavy Construction. BMM is ruthless in efficiency, and have done many things to the displeasure of their employees, from distributing livestock feed to cut costs to exploiting mineral deposits in hazardous areas, such as a toxic waste dump. All in all, if you're not a BMM worker, Leeds can be a nice home, somewhat.

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