Stuttgart is a green, almost inconceivably fertile world. its also located in the system of the same name. The planet is owing to the high concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen in its atmosphere. While the oxygen-rich atmosphere made industrial development infeasible -- one stray spark could set off a massive conflagration -- farming has been hugely successful as many plants from Earth and elsewhere in Sirius took to the environment without problem. Stuttgart has since become the primary source of Food for the entire Rheinland nation. However, concessions granted to Synth Foods by the Rheinland government have allowed them to purchase many of the cooperatives and individually owned farms on the planet, spurring the creation of the LWB farmers rights group. Stuttgart the home of many Rheinland farms and pastures, most of them owned by the Liberty firm called Synth Foods.

Stuttgart's atmosphere is largely made up from a rich mix of oxygen and carbon dioxide, so rich that industrial development was deemed infeasible, for even a single spark could cause the air to catch fire! Spacecraft are forced to land at the poles, where the cool air diffused oxygen to levels low enough for ships to fly safely.

The planet's most notable feature is the rolling fields of indigenous plant life. Although gene-banked earth life thrived on Stuttgart, other life forms, like the beautiful Blue Jillie flowers, shared soil with Rheinland farmers.

At the end of the 80-Year War, a brutal conflict between Rheinland and the Gas Miners Guild, the entire Imperial Fleet was eradicated, lying broken in the Sigma-13 System. Rheinland was in economic jeopardy, for all of their material resources had been spent on their vast military, and they now had not two credits to rub together. They took out several serious loans from Liberty. In exchange, Rheinland fell in debt with Liberty, faced with a loan they could not pay. Tails between their leg, they granted concessions to Liberty, including positions on Stuttgart, their farming world. Synth Foods immediately set up shop on Stuttgart, buying out bankrupt farms, planting their cellulose "Synth Paste" crops and starting a CO2 enhancement program for their crop.

Synth Foods had caused much damage to Stuttgart in many ways. First, their crops and CO2 enhancements had made an impact on Stuttgarts delicate ecosystem, causing bad growing seasons for native plant life. Second, corrupt government officials on Stuttgart and even at New Berlin have fallen sway to Liberty, effectively becoming their puppets. Finally, the Rheinland farmers that had lost their land to Synth Foods swore vengeance on the Libertonian scoundrals. They formed the Landwirtrechtbewegung (Farmers' Rights Movement), which seeks to take back the land that the Liberty firm had seized.

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