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Nude Beach Planet

Surface Shot #1 BBSp1 Surface Shot #2 (you can spot some Nude People on this one)

System Unknown
Suns 3
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary terrain Beaches, Oceans
Surface water Class 2
Native fauna Nude People
Primary languages Galactic Common
Major imports Tourists
Behind the Scenes
Universe Futurama Universe
Creator Matt Groening

Planet XXX, the Nude Beach Planet is a scenic beach planet where visitors were required to be completely naked to enter.

Overview Edit

Scammer aliens

As a planet, the Nude Beach Planet is very similar to Decapod X, home of the species known as Decapodians (which arguably resemble Nude People, the Nude Beach Planet's inhabitants, indicating a possible genetic lineage), but the status as a circumternary planet with its orbiting three stars, resembles Trisol, home of Trisolians.

It has an extremely warm climate with 3 stars visible during most of the day. It's the home of the Nudist Alien Scammers, a group of Nude People who asked for visitors to sign a petition which was simply a ploy to obtain people's email address and subsequently send them spam.

Destruction Edit

XXX was destroyed by V-GINY in an attempt to censor the planet.

Notable Inhabitants Edit

Notes Edit

Planet Express received a mission in 3007 to deliver some bar stool softener to the planet.

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