System Alpha Centauri System
Class Gas Giant
Diameter Unknown
Atmosphere Unknown
Gravity Unknown
Primary terrain Unknown (most likely gas and melt rock).
Native fauna Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe James Cameron's Avatar

Polyphemus is the second of three gas giants orbiting Alpha Centauri A (ACA).

Overview Edit


A size comparsion between the gas giants Polyphemus and Jupiter

A little smaller and denser than Saturn, Polyphemus has no rings and fourteen moons, the most notable being Pandora.

Visually Polyphemus resembles a blue/purple version of Jupiter, with both less prominent bands, and a larger vortex storm. This large eye-shaped storm is the source of the planet's name; Polyphemus being the gigantic one-eyed son of Poseidon and Thoosa, in Greek mythology.

Orbit Edit

In addition to the fourteen moons orbiting Polyphemus, there is a large and a small planetoid at the gas giant's L4 and L5 Lagrangian points respectively. Since Polyphemus' orbit lies in ACA's habitable zone, appropriately sized planets or moons may have liquid surface water, and therefore support life.

Depending on where the moons are in their orbits, Pandora may have two or even three moons in its sky at once. Depending on ACA's position, Pandora and the other large moons cast dark shadows on Polyphemus, like beauty marks.

Notes Edit

  • Originally, its name was Coeus.
  • Polyphemus is the name of the Cyclops from Homer's epic poem The Odyssey.