Popstar is the planet thet the Kirby series takes place on, and is home to the kingdom of Dream Land, ruled by King Dedede. Popstar is an extremely odd planet, being shaped like a five-pointed star and being almost flat. Scientists from other planets speculate that this is because of varying amounts of gravity. Though the people of Popstar (and Dream Land in particular) seem to be largely farmers, knights, and other mid-eval things, they have achieved feats of space travel, and have inhabited all of the other planets in the solar system. Those planets being Aqua-Star, Dark-Star, Neo-Star, Ripple-Star, Rock-Star, Shiver-Star, Patch Land, and Popstar itself. Popstar is the centar of its solar system though it is not an actuall sun. Popstar`s sun and moon orbit it, in addition to all of the other planets. Most of the life forms on the planet are spherical with short arms and large feet.
K64 Pop Star


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