The Praetorian-class frigate was a capital ship manufactured by Rendili Hyperworks for the Republic Navy during the Great Sith War.


The Praetorian-class frigate was a 180-meter long capital ship, durable and powerful for its size. Its weapons were geared toward defensive fire, leading to heavy use of the class in an escort role. It carried 12 starfighters and had a standard class two hyperdrive.


The Praetorian-class was first used during the Great Sith War and served at the Battle of Koros Major. During the galactic reconstruction efforts after the war, the Republic Senate authorized the sale of the ships to private organizations and planetary governments. Thereafter, they served primarily in an escort role, defending convoys and relief missions against pirate attacks.[1]

The Praetorian-class was the predecessor of the larger Hammerhead-class cruiser.[1] Eventually, Rendili Hyperworks sold the design to the Corellian Engineering Corporation, which retooled the hull into the Class VI bulk freighter,[1] which continued to serve as late as the Galactic Civil War.[2] A similar design, the Thranta-class warship, saw service in the Republic Navy during the Great Galactic War.

Behind the scenesEdit

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