The Precursor race is a important part of the Star Control series from the first game to the more recent game. They had many great inventions from the Su-Matra, to the Rainbow worlds, and recently the Precursor Flagship. Others included were the Precursor Artifact found on Beta Naos.


They were last known to be roaming though the local region of the Milky way galaxy about 200000 years ago or (Circa 198,000 BCE). Its unclear when they began roaming the local region of space but carbon dating the radioactive minerals on the outer most, rim-ward, rainbow worlds indicates they began this great journey about circa 600,000 BCE. However carbon dating the three rainbow world planets found in project 6014 ,this species had traveled outward from Beta Messier and traveled inwards to the Kessari quadrant. This indicates that the bulk of their migrational group did travel to the Kessari quardrant but the carbon dating also indicated that a small contingent had left the galaxy going in the other direction perhaps traveling to Andromeda Galaxy.

It is known however that the some time after Circa 198,000 BCE that the precursors had traveled off into the core-ward direction as in towards the galactic center and beyond to reach the Kessari Quadrant. Its unclear what stars were to be the exact destination they were headed. Every 50,000 years or so, the Precursors would leave behind a rainbow world toxic waste dump since their extremely developed economy and advance technology required extensive resources. It took the Precursors about 400,000 years to traverse the local space region according to the Earth Starbase scientists in the mid 22nd Century CE. According to the report, they were not in a hurry to leave and tended to build large colonies and seed planets with exotic life forms.


  • According to the Slylandro, natives to the gas giant known as Source, they were called "shaggy Giants" which indicates that they had fur and would have been a kind of Mammal.
  • According to Commander Hayes of the Earth Star Base, the Precursors were indeed giants but he was not sure if they were more like a "Dinosaur "or more like a "Wooly mammoth"giant but after talking to the Slylandro it appears they were in fact more like a "Wooly Mammoth giant"


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