The Flagship Mark II, named due to its status as the successor to the original Flagship and usually simply called "Mark II", is a Precursor vessel discovered by The Captain of the original Flagship some time after the events of Star Control II, possibly on a factory world similar to Unzervalt.
Sc2 end markII

A picture of the Second Precursor flagship from the end credits of Star Control II.

Unlike the first Precursor vessel utilized by the Alliance, this one was a much larger, more powerful vehicle, compared to a "cruiser"-class vessel as opposed to the Flagship Mark I's "shuttle" or "tug". It has a large ellipsoid or "saucer-shaped" configuration, matching the Slylandro's descriptions of the ships that made up the bulk of the Precursor fleet used to flee to the Galactic Core.

Few details have yet been released about the famous Captain's adventures on the Mark II. Though many thought his heroic role in destroying the Sa-Matra and ending Ur-Quan threat might lead him to an early retirement to raise a family with his lover Talana, his discovery of the Mark II led him on a strange, mysterious set of travels about which much speculation abounds, but which are assumed to have been as important to his own destiny and the galaxy's as his adventures on the Mark I were. It was not until he returned victorious from these secret journeys, his tasks finished, that he and Talana were free to exchange marital vows and raise their children, though the Mark II itself was to remain in service long into his old age.

Project 6014Edit

In this star control game there is a location at a star called Gamma Janus in Yehat space that has a crop circle like imprint from the space ship. Coinsidering that a second Precurcsor flagship type 1 was located on Beta Naos, its generally beived by game lore experts that the Precursor flag ship type 2 would be either at Gamma Janus in yehat space or in in the core precursor worlds of Delta Apollonius and Beta Messier.  

The Melnorme are wiling to trade 75 credits worth of information regarding the precursor core worlds or sell your discovery on Gamma Janus II for 100 credits.  

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