General Information
Homeworld Pria
Body Type Worm
Length 4 meters
Sapience Level Sapient
Language Priap, Galactic Basic
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars Universe

Priapulins are a race of sapient, deep purple-eyed worms indigenous to the planet Pria. They have five knobby notochords arranged around their tubular length, and when extended flat, they measure four feet in length; however, they prefer the configuration of an upright "S" shape. Priapulins have three pairs of eyes and an underside covered in thick bristles. Spiny appendages run the length of their body along the edges which are specialized for numerous purposes, appearing either hooked, thorny or spatulate.

Their species has a unique way of measuring distance, doing so in "salt pans" - nine of which equal eleven kilometers; they also have a unique way of measuring time, doing so in "tides" - one of which equals ten hours. They speak Galactic Basic in a smooth whisper.

Notable Priapulins Edit

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