Universe Ben 10 Universe
Galaxy Milky Way
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary Terrain Swamp
Notable Species Voliticus Biopsiss

Primus is a mysterious planet created by Azmuth.

It is unknown what Primus is like. Primus contains the Prototype Omnitrix's DNA samples, which are found by mosquito-like drones called Voliticus Biopsis. It is a jungle-like planet with green swamp water and a database of every sentient being in the Milky Way Galaxy called the Codon Stream it looks like green lava, which comes from a volcano in the middle of the jungle. The Voliticus Biopsis go to a station at the top of the volcano to bring new DNA samples. There are also many kinds of animals that inhabit the planet. If the planet is in danger, it will call for the Omnitrix.

Because of the Prototype Omnitrix's and Ultimatrix destruction, there not known device connected only with the planet as the completed Omnitrix use digitized DNA.


  • 'Primus' is also the name of a character in the Transformers series, who is also a planet.

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