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Profoggs are medium-sized (10 to 25 kilograms) armored rodentoids that live in the underground on the desert world of Tatooine. These social yet non-sapient creatures build large, complicated subterranean towns which can span several hectares and contain 50 to 100 Profoggs.

Progoggs have large clawed forelimbs to aid in digging, short hindlimbs and a very long forked tail. They also have strong incisor teeth and a short horn on their snouts. Profoggs are herbivores, their main food source being the subterranean Molo Seeds.

Empty Profogg burrows are often used as shelter by many small creatures of Tatooine, including Gorgs, Ibians and Kreetles, seeking protection from the extreme heat of the planet's two suns.

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