Promethean Knight
Promethean knight
General Information
Height 3 meters
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Halo Universe

Promethean Knights are a type of Forerunner AI. Promethean knights were created by altering Humans and Forerunners with the composer and turning them into mechanical beings so that they are immune to The Flood.

History Edit

Promethean Knights were created during the Forerunner-Flood war by the Ur-Didact by altering Humans and Forerunners using the Composer to turn them into mechanical beings in order to fight The Flood. Originally this was working due to the Promethean Knights immunity to the Flood however however the project was shut down.

In 2557 many Promethean knights were found on Requiem guarding the imprisoned Ur-Didact. However, they failed to prevent Spartan-117, the Master Chief, from unknowingly releasing Ur-Didact from his prison. Immediately after his release, Ur-Didact proceeded to assume control of every Promethean on the planet, and established an alliance with a faction of Covenant remnants.

A year after the apparent death of Ur-Didact and the destruction of the composer, the Prometheans broke their alliance with the Covenant remnants and fell under the control of Cortana, a human-made artificial intelligence who, after becoming stranded on the planet Genesis, discovered a 'cure' for A.I. rampancy and sought to claim the Forerunner mantle of responsibility. It was during this time that the Promethean Knights had been significantly upgraded, particularly in regards to armour durability.

Fighting tactics Edit

Promethean Knights are extremely difficult to kill due to their ability to teleport. They can also spawn a Promethean Watcher which can shield them and revive them. Promethean knights wield many different weapons like Lightrifles, Suppressors, Incineration canons and scattershots.

As of 2558, Promethean Knights had been upgraded with enhanced armour, requiring the destruction of two rear nodes in order to expose the internal core before the Knight may be destroyed.

Gallery Edit

Promethean knight 2

A Promethean Knights face

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