Prometheus Tech was Yautja technology that had been reverse-engineered by Isabella Borgia and her son Hunter, before been adapted for a variety of purposes - although it remained mainly for military purposes.

The technology was highly sought after by many - including the Yutani Corporation and Weyland Industries, who would bid for it.

The Story of ScarfaceEdit

Back in a hot summer in June 1930, a Predator known as Scarface - a member of the Dark Blade clan - had arrived in New Way City in America to hunt down worthy prey, with the murders he caused - along with the subsequent skinning of his victims - earning him the nickname "The New Way Devil". His hunts eventually led him to target Bruno Borgia - the self-proclaimed "God of Gangsters" - who was intending to take control of the city with the aid of corrupt police chief O'Brien. When his time was over, Bruno intended to leave control of the city to his son - whom his wife Isabella had recently gone into labor with. Unbeknown to Bruno, Scarface was tracking him - killing the gangsters and police officers who stood in his way as he followed Bruno to a fortified museum.

Inside the museum, Isabella had been taken into the church next door - accessible through a wall that was under repair - as Bruno boldly proclaimed it was were she would give birth to gods and that their family would 'rule forever'. However, Bruno's men warned him that the others felt the monster was inside the Museum. Bruno, not one to run or hide from any opponent, told the men to look after his wife and 'lead the monster to him'. Arming himself with an antique battle axe and a shield from the museum, the New Way Devil soon arrived after slaughtering the gangsters and corrupt police inside the museum, including O'Brien. As Scarface's 'invisibility' cloak was deactivated by the rain, Bruno roared his challenge to Scarface - who extended his wrist blades and roared back before a battle commenced between the two.

Bruno prepares to fight Scarface.

Bruno fought hard against Scarface and was aided by many of his men. In the end, however, it was all to no avail. Scarface easily dodged Bruno's sluggish attacks with the battle axe and proceeded to wear down the God of Gangsters. Defeated, Bruno collapsed to his knees - cursing the New Way Devil - and was helpless as Scarface proceeded to tear his head and spinal column from his body as a trophy, with Bruno's men fleeing as they saw their boss die at Scarface's hands. Entering the church through a broken wall, Scarface showed the severed skull and spinal column of Bruno to Isabella - whom had just given birth to Bruno's ill son, Hunter. Taking off his mask, Scarface watched as Isabella pulled out a handgun, with his hesitation leading to his downfall as Isabella shot him in the eye - splattering her and Hunter with Scarface's blood. Forced to flee the church, Scarface accidentally left behind some of his equipment as he attempted to return to his ship. It was this that would become the basis of the Prometheus Technology. 

Birth of NeonopolisEdit

Predator's Ship Destroys New Way

Scarface's ship self-destructs - destroying much of New Way.

When Scarface's failure caused him to set his ship's self destruction, Isabella and Hunter narrowly survived the decimation of the city thanks to the fortified museum. After gathering the few survivors of the incident, Isabella became a leader among the citizens with her and Hunter helping them to rebuild New Way City - later renamed Neonopolis: City of Light.

Thanks to the Yautja blood, Isabella and Hunter's lives became prolonged, with the blood also healing Hunter of his sickness and making him strong. Thanks to the Predator technology Scarface had left, Isabella and Hunter reverse-engineered the alien tech and used what they had learned to create a variety of devices including weapons, weather control, jamming equipment, stealth, etc. which they named 'Prometheus' Technology. Setting up a company called Borgia Industries, Isabella and Hunter became business tycoons - using their alien-based technology to revolutionize Neonopolis. At some point in his life, Hunter had a daughter whom he named Lucretia, while building a tank for his mother Isabella after her advanced age began to physically affect her - which linked her to

Hunter Borgia - seen through a Predator's bio-mask.

every computer system in Neonopolis and gave Isabella full control of the city. Her 'computer form' was named 'MOTHER' (with it seemingly only been Hunter and a few others who knew it was actually Isabella), with Isabella referring to herself as 'the living brain and nervous system' of Neonopolis.

When his daughter was old enough, Hunter began leaving more management to her while he traveled the world, hunting big game and searching for signs or stories of other Predator visits. Among his travels, he managed to somehow acquire Xenomorphs - before giving them to Isabella as a gift. Borgia Industries continued to thrive in any way it could, but also committed more atrocious acts. This included kidnapping citizens and subjecting them to cyborg enhancement; the successes were made into new members of the Monster Squad, while the failures were sent to become hosts for the Xenomorphs. Using what they knew, Borgia Industries created machines that could control the weather as well as selling Prometheus Technology on the black market to the warring gangs in the city. The
The Monster Squad take down a group of Yautja.

The Monster Squad take down a group of Yautja.

combination of sweltering temperatures and gang warfare drew the Predators to Neonopolis, where they would be flushed out and attacked by the Monster Squads before the defeated Yautja would be used for genetic experiments and their weapons taken away for study.

Thanks to advances in genetics and cybernetics, Hunter stayed young even as he neared his 100th birthday. However, he remained fascinated by the Predators and began to spend a lot of time in an isolation tank - trying to find a way to successfully fuse human and predator DNA. Isabella too remained fascinated by the predators - but in particular Scarface, who she felt an unnatural love for. It was her hope that one day, he would return.

The Return of ScarfaceEdit

Scarface returns to Earth

Scarface returns to Earth to seek his revenge.

Scarface would indeed soon return. Following his failure to kill himself all those years ago when his ship self destructed, Scarface was banished to a desolate and hostile planet to survive, with him remaining there for 100 years. However, with many Yautja - including the Dark Blade Clan whom Scarface was a member of - been defeated or killed by the Monster Squads after been drawn to Neonopolis and taken to Borgia Industries for their experiments, the Yautja decided to give Scarface a chance to regain his honor by sending him back to Neonopolis to destroy those who had used the Predator's technology for their own gains. Seizing the opportunity to regain his honor, Scarface was sent to Neonopolis.

Les Serviteurs.

Les Serviteurs.

Despite only been armed with the same tools an Unblooded Predator would have, Scarface's strength and veteran experience would quickly prove itself. Working his way up the 'food chain', Scarface began by targeting the Neonopolis gang known as 'Les Serviteurs' - who believed in and worshiped a sinister Scorpion god of slaughter called Zaraguin. In terms of Prometheus technology, Les Serviteurs used a variation of the Predator's cloaking technology which they called 'Ghost Suits'. Scarface quickly proved his dominance by capturing three of the gang members using the technology and killing them, before hanging their skinned bodies up in different locations. Tracking down their lair, Scarface proceeded to slaughter the gang before engaging their leader - the Serviteur Hougan known as King Willie - and defeating him. Hanging up the skinned bodies of the gang members, Scarface took King Willie's head as a trophy.
Scarface watches one of the Dead Men - who is toting a Prometheus Tech weapon.

Scarface watches one of the Dead Men - who is toting a Prometheus Tech weapon.

With the Los Serviteurs dealt with, Scarface next targeted another Neonopolis Gang known as the Dead Men - a group of drug addicts whom are impervious to pain thanks to the drugs they take and had recently started trading in black market Prometheus Tech weapons, based on the Predator's plasma casters (which the Dead Men referred to simply as "special guns"). After activating three hidden beacons in the city to locate the ship of his fallen clan brothers, Scarface disrupted the Dead Man's drug and Prometheus tech trade as well as killing a group of dead men who had mugged a man in the street. Gaining entry to their hidden base inside an abandoned church, Scarface attacked the Dead Men and battled their leaders - known as the Dead Men Triad. Despite been outnumbered, Scarface easily defeated the Triad and took their heads as trophies before killing and skinning the rest of the gang. Thanks to the beacons, Scarface recovered his clan brother's ship and used it as a base to carry out his mission.

Scarface's next target was the Juvenite Pack-9, who were planning on invading the mansion on a private island owned by a former Italian Mafia boss Don Giovanni - stealing a Ulysses droid from the Police. Seeking to kill Giovanni himself despite him been physically disabled, Scarface infiltrated the island beforehand and disabled the defenses as well as killing most of the men as Don Giovanni was rushed inside by his bodyguard Vincent di Angelo. As the gang burst inside and a firefight erupted between the Juvenite Pack 9 and Giovanni's men (led by Vincent), Scarface killed the helpless Giovanni before waiting for the battle to reach its conclusion. As it did, Scarface killed what remained of both groups before taking Vincent's head and skinning the bodies - hanging them outside the mansion.

Finally, Scarface turned his attention to Neonopolis' last gang - the Mexican American gang Los Matadores, led by Fidel "El Hongo" Perez. Scarface, after following El Hongo, learned of the Matadores taking over the Dead Men's gun trade (with the members of the Matadores gang posing as hot dog vendors and dealing in Prometheus-Tech weapons) and quickly dealt with it by killing the gang members and skinning them. Soon afterwards, Scarface decimated the Los Matadores prostitution business (killing both the prostitutes and pimps). Following this, El Hongo (while hiding in New Way Field) begged for help from Lucretia Borgia - Hunter's daughter and the CEO of Borgia Industries - as Scarface was hunting him and his gang were fleeing the city in fear. Although she had earlier rebuffed him when he asked for help following the 'complication' with the gun trade, she agreed to help him and sent her Russian boyfriend Victor the Chechen and his group of cybernetically-enhanced mercenaries known as 'The Machine Men' to deal with Scarface - telling them "Find out whose cutting into my business and cut them a sick bowel'; without anesthetic".

Victor and the Machine Men soon arrived at New Way Field, where Scarface wasted no time in beginning his fight with the group. Despite their weapons and cybernetic enhancements, the Machine Men were outmatched and slaughtered by the experienced and otherworldly predator, with El Hongo watching in horror as Scarface took Victor's head as a trophy and skinned the gang. Reporting what had happened to Lucretia and begging for her help, she informed El Hongo to head to the docks where a special shipment of Prometheus weapons was taking place - guarded by Borgia special ops who were disguised as ex-porn star hookers (using chameleon suits) and led by their commando Baby Blew.

Scarface followed his prey, although the dock area was surrounded by a form of electronic jamming equipment that disabled his cloak. Despite this, Scarface managed to infiltrate the area and destroy the generators powering the jamming equipment. Heading to the waterside, Scarface killed the women guarding the ship before heading inside where a large amount of Prometheus Technology was ready to be shipped out. Scarface proceeded to destroy several of the containers containing volatile liquid before fleeing as it set off a chain reaction - destroying the shipment while the electromagnetic pulse caused by the explosion shorted out the chameleon suits of the Borgia special ops. El Hongo, who had been receiving a lap dance from Baby Blew when her suit shorted out, quickly realized to his horror that Scarface was inside the facility and tried to flee.

Scarface, meanwhile, followed El Hongo and cornered the terrified man - killing and skinning him before hanging up his body. As Baby Blew reported what had happened to Lucretia, she angrily stated that Baby Blew would loose an eye and both of her hands for loosing the shipment, before ordering her to send the trucks carrying what remained of the shipment back to the depot. As Baby Blew did this, Scarface appeared behind her before killing her by stabbing her in the gut with his wrist blades. Clinging onto one of the trucks, Scarface clung on top as it headed back to the depot. However, Lucretia spotted him through one of the city's cameras and called her father. Upon seeing the footage, Hunter immediately agreed that it was one of the 'Xeno-Predators' that Borgia Industries had caught several of - but stated he had never seen one so strong before. Needless to say, Hunter had an idea of how to catch Scarface - declaring "all creatures have their habits, and in habit lies vulnerability".

Scarface Surrounded.

Scarface surrounded by the Monster Squad.

At the Depot, Scarface managed to avoid/destroy the security forces and killed a Weyland employee trying to buy Prometheus tech from Lucretia, before causing the reactor to overload and explode - destroying the depot. As Lucretia and her Ronin bodyguard fled, Hunter dispatched a wave of cybernetically-enhanced humans known as the Monster Squad - each armed with a unique Borgia Industries weapon and who had been used previously to bring down Yautja who came to Neonopolis. Despite their expertise at hunting Yautja, Scarface proved his own experience by successfully killing the first wave of the cyborgs. However, Hunter dispatched more and more waves of the warriors to deal with Scarface - with Scarface's valiant efforts proving to no avail as he was left bloodied and defeated, with Hunter standing over him as the exhausted predator was taken back to Borgia Industries' labs.

Scarface been taken to the labs.

Scarface been taken to the labs.

When Lucretia asked her father why the monster had come for her, Hunter revealed that the Prometheus Technology they had been supplying was derived from the technology left by the Yautja 100 years ago - even stating "We've stolen the secret of fire from the Gods". Given an anaesthetic dose, Scarface was restrained in the labs for experimentation while his technology was taken away - with him having flashbacks to his hunt for Bruno Borgia back in 1930 while under an anesthetic. However, the scientists had underestimated the dose - presumably due to the majority of Yautja they experimented on been youngsters - and Scarface soon awoke before the experimentation could begin.

Going after the BorgiasEdit

Haven awoken early - much to the panic of the scientists - Scarface pulled himself free and located some of his equipment. Fighting against the Borgia guards despite his horrific injuries, Scarface successfully killed them and recovered more of his equipment (forcibly using the scientists to open the optical-scan locks on the doors) - as well as seeing the naked bodies of the humans who would either be converted into the Monster Squad units or - seemingly unbeknown to Scarface at the time - serve as Xenomorph hosts (as shown by some of the dead humans having gaping holes in their chests). Releasing the unconverted humans for the security forces to deal with, Scarface used the opportunity to heal himself of his injuries - returning to full strength - before escaping into an elevator.

Continuing to fight his way through Borgias security forces (some of whom were armed with cloaking devices), Borgia special ops and Monster Squad individuals, Scarface recovered the last of his equipment and found three younger Yautja - alive and restrained with their armour and weapons taken - and freed them from their captivity. (Depending on when Scarface frees his clan brothers, they will either attack the Borgia forces and most likely die as a result of their weakened state - or, if Scarface has already dealt with his foes, the freed Yautja will use the opportunity to escape). However, as Scarface proceeded further into the facility, MOTHER talked to Lucretia (who was hiding in her penthouse) about a possible plan to stop Scarface. Following MOTHER's instructions, Lucretia used the weather machines to make it rain to disable Scarface's cloak, before releasing a trio of mind-controlled and cybernetically-enhanced Yautja - Swift Knife, Long Spear and Stone Heart - to take down Scarface.

Scarface - with the severed head and spinal column of Long Spear.

Scarface - with the severed head and spinal column of Long Spear.

With the scientists now the weak link, Lucretia dispatched Swift Knife to kill them while Long Spear kept Scarface busy with his long-range plasma caster. However, Scarface (despite the incoming fire from Long Spear) intercepted Swift Knife before he could carry out his mission and killed him - taking his head as a trophy. Despite the constant long range attacks from Long Spear and having to battle through the waves of Borgia security and special ops, Scarface continued to shut down the weather machines that disabled his cloak. Finally, he reached the last weather machine and was confronted by both Long Spear and Stone Heart. Initially dodging Stone Heart, Scarface took on Long Spear - with the bad blood's lack of melee skill been used by Scarface to his advantage as he quickly defeated his brainwashed clan brother and ripped off his head to give him an honorable death. Finally, Scarface took on Stone Heart - relying on his long range weapons due to Stone Heart's proficiency with melee skill. Eventually, Stone Heart fled before Scarface could kill him - with the extraterrestrial hunter disabling the last of the weather machines before going on the hunt for Lucretia.

Despite been armed with numerous security personnel as well as soldiers, snipers, Ulysses crowd suppression droids and other offensive forces, none of them were a match for Scarface - as the veteran warrior battled through the area as he eventually reached Lucretia penthouse. Upon arriving, his cloak was disabled by an EMP bomb thrown by one of Lucretia's Ronin bodyguard. The Ronins were a trio of Samurai - trained in 10,000 ways to kill - whose swords were made of the same metal as Scarface's wrist blades, while they also used bombs and invisibility cloaks. Scarface had already fought and defeated two of the Ronins one-on-one during his battle to Lucretia's penthouse, but now faced all three honorable warriors at once. Even in a group, however, the Ronins were outmatched by Scarface and one-by-one were forced to flee the fight. Lucretia too fled her penthouse in fear - with Scarface jumping onto her flying car as she traveled into the 'heart' of Borgia Industries to find her father. This scare tactic had worked to Scarface's favor, as he now sought to wipe out the Prometheus Tech manufacture at its source.

Having arrived, Scarface fought his way through the security once more - including disabling numerous Ulysses crowd suppression droids (both prototypes and upgraded) - and carried on through the building, pursuing Lucretia. During his climb, he unexpectedly encountered what looked like a replica of New Way City from his original hunt back in 1930. Switching through his vision modes, he quickly realized it was just a holographic illusion (similar to the illusions used by Borgia's special ops but on a larger scale) and destroyed the power to the illusion generator. He was soon confronted by a final wave of the Monster Squad, but this time he quickly and easily destroyed the quartet of Yautja hunters before proceeding into a replica of the church where he had found Isabella after killing Bruno.

Inside the church, however, was the last of the bad bloods - Stone Heart. Roaring his challenge, battle commenced between the two. Scarface - unable to match Stone Heart's physical strength in a head on attack - instead resorted to using hit-and-run strikes and attacking Stone Heart from a distance using his Plasma Caster and Smart Disc. Eventually, Scarface triumphed and gave his brainwashed clan member an honorable death as he ripped Stone Heart's head and spinal column out. With the last of the bad bloods dead, Scarface continued to follow Lucretia - been led into MOTHER's chambers. It was here that Lucretia learned that MOTHER was in fact Isabella Borgia - kept alive using Predator Blood - and learned that it was her that kept the summer heat at sweltering temperatures to make the city a more 'welcoming' environment' for the Predators so they could be hunted and captured.

Isabella's 'little friends'...

Isabella's 'little friends'...

While hidden, Scarface listened to the conversation - remembering the night back in 1930 where Isabella shot him in the eye. As Lucretia left to find her father - disgusted at what she'd learned - Scarface confronted Isabella. However, she proved herself to be far from defenseless as she activated a shield to protect herself before unleashing a 'present' that Hunter had somehow found for her - a hive of Xenomorphs. Wasting no time, Hunter engaged his species' ancient prey before working his was through the network of cables to find the cooling fans for the reactor powering MOTHER's defenses. Despite having to constantly see off the Xenomorphs, Scarface succeeded and disabled the cooling fans before then damaging the reactor enough to cause it to overload and explode. The emergency power immediately switched on, but there was not enough to power MOTHER's shield - which deactivated.

Working his way back through the network of cables, Scarface continued to fight his way through the hordes of Xenomorphs - killing at least 50 of them and decimating the remainder of the nest. Returning to Isabella, she revealed her unnatural love for him - stating that Hunter would never have survived without Scarface's blood and that Scarface's technology helped make Neonopolis by declaring "You made all of this. You are the Father of Neonopolis - as I am its MOTHER. Can't you see why I brought you here like a flower brings a bee? We only had that one night...but I never did get over you". Needless to say, Scarface seemingly ignored her words and fatally impaled her with his Combistick before playing a recording of Bruno declaring "I promised you a night to remember, baby - didn't I promise?". As Isabella died, Scarface continued as his hunt now neared its end.

Death of a DynastyEdit

Hunter - Predator Hybrid

Hunter - transformed into a Human/Yautja hybrid.

Lucretia reached the isolation tank where her father had been spending more and more time - trying to fuse human and Predator D.N.A. Despite her father been inside the tank that was undergoing a genetic augmentation process, Lucretia aborted the process to get her father's help. To her horror as the tank opened, Hunter emerged as a hybrid of human and Yautja - with a Predator's skull on his shoulder and with stolen 'Dark Blade' clan technology including wristblades, a combistick and smart disc. He also was equipped with predator cloaking technology that would hide him from neural and thermal scans.

Scarface confronts Hunter...

Scarface confronts Hunter.

Lucretia threw up at the sight of her father transformed into this abomination, before Hunter - in an aggravated state due to his brain undergoing neural degradation and with him experiencing psychotic brainwave patterns as a result of the incomplete process - mercilessly attacked his daughter and critically wounded her. It was at this point that Scarface appeared - quoting Bruno's lines "There's only room for one monster in this town - you ugly son of a bitch!" as he prepared for his final battle with Hunter. Hunter initially held the edge in the battle - thanks to his enhancements both before and after his transformation. Noticing Lucretia's Ronin Bodyguard standing over the near-dead body of their mistress, Scarface used one of her recordings to gain the aid of the Ronins - who had sworn to die to protect her and had failed, so decided to aid Scarface in his battle against Hunter to regain their own honor in victory or death. With the aid of the three samurai, Scarface drove Hunter back - forcing the hybrid to flee onto the roof of Borgia Tower.

Scarface's insult

Scarface plays Isabella's message to Hunter.

Scarface and the Ronins pursued Hunter to the roof, where the group re-engaged Hunter in battle. Even though outnumbered, Hunter proved a fearsome opponent - killing each of the Ronin's in combat and leaving Scarface to continue his battle alone. Resorting to the same tactics he used against Stone Heart, Scarface slowly began to wear Hunter down. As the damage to his body began to take its toll, Hunter jumped onto the statue of his father Bruno Borgia - possibly in the hope of luring Scarface to his death. However, Hunter's plan's failed as Scarface - now pressing his advantage and attacking his weakened adversary directly - proceeded to defeat him.

Scarface Triumphant

Scarface triumphant.

Rubbing salt into the wound, Scarface then played Isabella's earlier message that Hunter was a 'stunted weakling' without [Scarface's] blood. Using his wristblades, Scarface killed Hunter before taking his head and leaving his decapitated body on top of the statue - roaring in triumph as his vocal mimicry played Bruno's voice and laughter for the final time, declaring "I'M THE BOSS OF THIS CITY!". After painting his clan's mark on the face of Bruno's statue using Hunter's artificial predator blood, Scarface left Earth with his honor restored and the Borgia Dynasty destroyed. Weyland Industries proceeded to buy out Borgia Industries while turning Lucretia into the new 'MOTHER' computer. It's presumed nothing remained of the Prometheus Technology after Scarface killed Hunter.