"Warp Fields Stabilized" -An Arbiter upon emerging from a Stargate

The Arbiters were Protoss spacecraft that served as support units for the Protoss fleet. They were exclusively crewed by Judicators, the caste of Protoss leaders and government officials, whose powerful psionic powers could warp space-time.

Arbiters generate a field of warped space-time that cloaks nearby friendly units. However, since the ship itself must remain in a complete corporeal form, it is not affected by the cloaking field. By using their space-time warping powers, they can teleport units to the Arbiters position and freeze enemies in time.

The Arbiters were retired during the Brood War, as the Judicator caste was destroyed after the fall of Aiur.


Using Arbiters: The Arbiter is very useful when it becomes available, for it can effectively replace the Shuttle as a transport for it can move units in faster and more safely. It's cloaking field can be useful once enemy detectors are out, but enemies will then target the Arbiter since they can't see the cloaked units, so make sure they are either frozen with a Stasis Field or disabled by a Disruption Web.

Fighting Arbiters: Arbiters will be used sparingly by enemies, but their cloaking field and Stasis Field ability can be a serious threat. Arbiters are weak, so use Anti-air units and structures to shoot them down, and have plenty of detectors to counter its cloak.


Unit Class: Flying/Support

Weapon: Phase Disruptor Cannon. Low Damage, Slow Rate of Fire

Armor: Light


'Cloaking Field': A passive ability that warps space and time to cloak units near the Arbiter.

Recall: Creates a temporary warp rift to teleport units to the Arbiter. Researched at Arbiter Tribunal.

Stasis Field: Warps Space-Time to freeze enemy units in time, making them unable to take action or interact with any unit outside of the field. Researched at Arbiter Tribunal.


Air Weapons: Increases the attack power of Protoss Aircraft. Researched at Cybernetics Core.

Air Armor: Increases the armor strength of Protoss Aircraft. Researched at Cybernetics Core.

Plasma Shields: Increases the power of Protoss Plasma Shielding. Researched at Forge.

Khaydarin Core: An upgraded reactor core with a Khaydarin Crystal. Boosts Arbiter's maximum energy by +50. All new Arbiters start with 62 energy.

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