When the Dark Templar were exiled from Aiur, they created these fighters to safeguard their nomadic fleets. After the Fall of Aiur, the Corsairs became a major part of the Protoss Fleet, complimenting their warships by providing support against enemy Anti-Air.


Using Corsairs: Corsairs are made for air support, and make excellent escorts for Carriers, Shuttles and Arbiters. Their Neutron Flares can attack swiftly and deal splash damage, but it is does less damage than the Valkyrie's H.A.L.O. Rockets or Devourer's Corrosive Acid. They are most effective against light air units, like Mutalisks. Their special ability, Disruption Web, creates a small psionic energy field that prevents enemy ground units from attacking. This can allow friendly forces to get past enemy defense structures, like Missile Turrets, Bunkers, Sunken Colonies, Spore Colonies or Photon Cannons.

Fighting Corsairs: These guys can temporarily knock out turrets and shred through fighter craft. However, against capitol ships like the Battlecruiser or Carrier, they are easily defeated. If a Bunker has been hit by a Disruption Web, unload all units occupying it and move out of the web so that they can attack.


Unit class: Protoss Aircraft, Air-Support/Light Interceptor

Weapon: Neutron Flare. Low Damage, High Rate of Fire, Splash Damage

Armor: Light


Disruption Web: The Corsair pilot channels psionic energy into the Neutron Emitter to project an energy field that prevents ground units from attacking. Researched at Fleet Beacon.


Air Weapons: Increases attack power of Protoss Aircraft. Researched at Cybernetics Core

Air Armor: Increases armor strength of Protoss Aircraft. Researched at Cybernetics Core.

Plasma Shields: Increases strength of Protoss Plasma Shields. Researched at Forge.

Argus Jewel: A powerful crystal of Xel'Naga origin is installed into the Corsair's power system. Increases Corsair maximum energy by +50. All new Corsairs start with 62 energy.

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