"I have returned." -Dragoon

The Dragoon is a Protoss Heavy Assault mech often piloted by grievously injured Templar veterans. When a Templar is too badly hurt to fight, he may choose to continue service as a Dragoon. These cyborgs are respected as great warriors by the Protoss.

After the Fall of Aiur, the Dragoon Production Facilities were lost to the Zerg, and no new Dragoons can be created. To preserve these dedicated warriors, all remaining Dragoons have been upgraded into the powerful Immortals during the Brood War. The Dark Templar gained their own version of the Dragoon during the Brood War, known as the Stalker.


Using Dragoons: Dragoons can dish out heavy damage with their Phase Disruptors, making them excellent against armored units and buildings. They are also good for fighting off aircraft, and can be used to compensate for Photon Cannons if needed. However, they are easily beaten by swarms of light infantry, and since they are mostly mechanical they are easy marks for a Terran Ghost's Lockdown. Plus, they are expensive to create, so make sure these mighty warriors are well protected by a Zealot cohort.

Fighting Dragoons: The Dragoons hit hard, but they aren't very fast. Huge groups of Marines/Zerglings/Zealots can easily take out Dragoons. Ghosts can use their Lockdown ability to immobilize them.


Unit Class: Protoss Infantry/Mech, Assault, Anti-Air/Armor

Weapon: Phase Disruptor. High Damage, Low Rate of Fire.

Armor: Medium


Ground Weapons: Increases the attack power of Protoss Ground Units(except for the Reaver). Researched at Forge.

Ground Armor: Increases the armor strength of Protoss Ground Units. Researched at Forge.

Plasma Shields: Increases the strength of Protoss Plasma Shields. Researched at Forge.

Singularity Charge: A controlled singularity is installed into the Phase Disruptor's capacitor, allowing the Dragoon to fire from longer ranges. Researched at Cybernetics Core.

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