Psi Amps are X-Com Hybrid devices that allow X-Com soldiers to utilize psionic attacks. Soldiers with Psi Training, possibly because of human mental limitations, cannot use their powers on their own. The Psi Amp solves this problem by magnifying and projecting psionic attacks. However, the nature of the psionic attacks are limited to inciting terror via telepathy and using mind control on aliens with weak morale.

The Psi Amp can only be used by a soldier who has had spent at least one month in Psi Training. How well psi attacks work depends on the soldier's psi strength and psi potential, the former of which can be enhanced through Psi Training, and the Psi resistance of the alien (aliens like Mutons are vulnerable while aliens like Ethereals are resistant).

Psi Attack TacticsEdit

When Psi Attacking, how the target will be affected depends on its morale, which can be lowered by outnumbering and killing many alien units or by using the Terror Psi Attack repeatedly. A Psi-trained soldier can target any alien in sight, even those seen by other soldiers. Keep in mind that Psi Attacks consume a lot of Time Units to use (again, depending on the soldier's skill), so move as little as possible to conserve on TUs. Also, if a soldier has used up his time torturing the enemy with psi, he won't be able to move to safety, so make sure psi-users are somewhere safe.

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