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Current Symbol


Former Symbol

Homeworld: Mentar

Known Emperors: Meson, Kelvan, Quark, Zygot, Tachaon, Amios, Dynalon, Erga Uticus, Psiros, Tssha, Menz Agitat, Ekar Orgit

Racial Tendencies: Pacifistic Technologists

Tech Specialties: Good in all research fields!

The unemotional Psilons were the most brilliant researchers in the galaxy. They were equally good at researching all technological areas. Their colonies produced more research than anyone else, and their scientists thought of more applications to research than the scientists of other empires. Psilon leaders tended to be pacifistic, but this was not always the case, and even the more peaceful leaders would fight if threatened. Their ships would usually be very advanced. The Psilons were neutral towards most races, but liked the Humans and outright loathed the Darloks.

Over time, the Psilonic government relocated to a different planet in the Mentar system, a large planet with low gravity. They never lost their intellects, though; when researching, they would discover all possible applications of a new technology, and their scientists produced vast amounts of research. The Psilon ability in research was extremely high, but their leadership's focus remained rather petty -- their government never developed beyond Dictatorship because of the quarreling of certain high-ranking scholars. The Psilons were a peace-loving people. They liked the Trilarians but did not appreciate the Elerians, who rejected knowledge for war and aggression.

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