The robotic Psycho Bit is a zealous security drone created by the Alimbics. They teleport in from an unknown source near a security breach and attack in a swarm. There are five variations of the Psycho Bit, two are under the same version.

Version 1.0: The most basic Psycho Bit version, which comes in two kinds, a grey version and a green one. Grey V-1s are armed with a weapon similar to the Power Beam, while green V-1s are armed with Battlehammer Heavy Repeaters.

Version 2.0: Based on the Psycho Bit V.1, the V-2.0 utilizes the Volt Driver, a weapon that fires blasts of electrical energy that can scramble the Combat Visor.

Version 3.0: This Psycho Bit version is very powerful indeed. It is armed with a Magmaul, a weapon that fires blasts of fire capable of setting foes on fire.

Version 4.0: The final version of the Psycho Bit that is as every bit as dangerous as its preceding model. It is armed with the icy Judicator, which fires shots of supercooled plasma capable of freezing targets.


  • Metroid Prime Hunters (First appearance)

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