The Psychons are a humanoid race formally from the planet Psychon. They looked similar to humans, but instead of human-looking eyebrows, a horizontal row of bumps take their place above each eye. The Psychons were known for keen, scientific minds, some impressively advanced technology, and for the apparently unique potential (if not always actual) biological/mental ability to be metamorphs. Dorcons (which appear in 'The Dorcons') are their most feared enemies.

Many Psychons were scattered into space when their homeworld went into rapid environmental decline (the cause was not explained in canon). At least two of the species stayed behind to attempt to revive the planet, using a biological computer called Psyche that stole mental energy from alien victims to restore it to the way it was. This ultimately unraveled with the arrival of the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, and the entire planet exploded and was totally destroyed. One of the Psychons, Maya, was rescued and became a member of the Alphans.

Known PsychonsEdit

  • Dorzak
  • Maya
  • Mentor


  • Space: 1999 (1975-77)
  • Ep.25-"The Metamorph"
  • Ep.26-"The Exiles"
  • Ep.27-"One Moment of Humanity"
  • Ep.28-"All That Glisters"
  • Ep.29-"Journey to Where"
  • Ep.30-"The Taybor"
  • Ep.31-"The Rules of Luton"
  • Ep.32-"The Mark of Archanon"
  • Ep.33-"Brian the Brain"
  • Ep.34-"New Adam New Eve"
  • Ep.35-"Catacombs of the Moon"
  • Ep.36-"The AB Chrysalis"
  • Ep.37-"Seed of Destruction"
  • Ep.38-"The Beta Cloud"
  • Ep.39-"Space Warp"
  • Ep.40-"A Matter of Balance"
  • Ep.41-"The Bringers of Wonder Part 1"
  • Ep.42-"The Bringers of Wonder Part 2"
  • Ep.43-"The Lambda Factor"
  • Ep.44-"The Séance Spectre"
  • Ep.45-"Dorzak"
  • Ep.46-"Devil's Planet"
  • Ep.47-"The Immunity Syndrome"
  • Ep.48-"The Dorcons"


  • Maya's transformation abilities have been portrayed inconsistently throughout the series. In the episode "The Rules of Luton", she is imprisoned in a small cage while in the form of a falcon, and is facing extreme danger since she can't stay on this form for longer than an hour and when she's forced to change back, she'll be crushed to death by the cage's walls. The fact that she doesn't change into a different form that could escape the cage (such as an insect or a snake) suggests that she's unable to change directly from one form to another: she must transition back to her real form before she can morph into something else. However, other episodes have shown her transitioning directly from one form to another without any problems.

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