General Information
Sapience Level Hive Mind (Common Puchuu)

Sapient (Imperial/Militant Puchuu)

Behind the Scenes
Universe Excel Saga

Puchuu are an alien species that continuously attempt to invade Earth, using their adorable appearance as bait to lull humans into a false sense of security.


Their appearance similar to a teddy bear, they commonly appear to be a pale yellow, with pink diapers and always carrying a futon beater; though higher ranking or more notable Puchuus have different colored fur, wear uniforms, and have more humanoid faces and some time have head hair and/or facal hair.


  • When a Puchuu is killed or severely beaten, their face becomes humanoid and bloody, it's said to be a reference to Golgo 13.
  • Though the only word they can speak is "Puchuu", they speak very intelligently to one another of their kind. Very few humans can understand what they are saying.

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