Puff-Tor Concept
Universe The Maw Universe
Homeworld Unknown
Diet Carnivore (Seemingly opportunistic)
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

The Puff-Tors are an extraordinary species of burrowing worm-like organisms who have developed a novel method of attack: by filling their bodies with warm air, they can float relatively high above the planetary surface. This allows them to keep a bird's eye view out for potential prey. Once they spot a tasty morsel, they suddenly will deflate and drop onto the organism, diving back under the ground in the process, only to rapidly burrow back up to the surface moments later to again inflate themselves.

This attack procedure allows them to attack from unexpected directions (assuming one doesn't just look up), and after attempts to catch Puff-Tors by the sport-fishing community led to grisly deaths of many members, their presence has been outlawed by the Galactic Council.

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