"The former executor, Tassadar, was commanded to halt the Zerg's progress in the Terran Sector by burning the infested human worlds." -Judicator Aldaris, briefiing Executor Artanis Prior to the Sons of Korhal attack on Tarsonis, the standard procedure the Protoss used for dealing with Zerg-Infested worlds was by sterilizing the entire planet from orbit. This process is called Purification by the Protoss.

Purified WorldsEdit

  • Chau Sara: Mentioned in the campaign and shown in the intro.
  • Mar Sara: Purified after the evacuation of the Mar Sara colony.
  • Antiga Prime: Purified after a Psi Emitter placed by the Sons of Korhal summoned a huge Zerg Swarm.
  • Braxis: Purified after rescueing and de-infesting Vice Admiral Alexei Stukov and slaying a Cerebrate.


After the purification of Chau Sara and Mar Sara, it was discovered that the Protoss orbital strikes had caused the mineral deposits to gain unique beneficial qualities. This lead to the two planets being recolonized by the Kel-Morian Combine.

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