Purple Eyes, also known as the Hitman is a mysterious alien.


Physically indistinguishable from a human; the only clue to his alien nature is his purple coloured irises.

I Hear you CallingEdit

Prior to the start of the episode the alien had vaporised several people and he was in the middle of hunting a sick reporter.

When he realised he had been seen by another reporter who was hiding in the next room he began chasing her as well. By the end of the episode is revealed that his species had been watching Earth in an effort to one day make peaceful contact. During the observation, one of their agents was suffering with a virus that while harmless to the aliens was discovered to be deadly to humanity.

The Hitman had been sent to Earth to stop a potential mass outbreak by removing individuals who had been exposed to the contagion; including the reporter who had been infected during her investigation. Learning she only has a week before she becomes contagious, she is prepared to sacrifice herself only for the Hitman to reveal he has not been killing the infected. Instead, the alien had been teleporting them back to his homeworld where the disease would be rendered harmless. Excepting her fate, the two are teleported ending the threat.


  • Outer Limits episode I Hear You Calling (First appearance)

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