The Pursuit-class light cruiser was a type of capital ship in the Imperial Navy.


It resembled a small variant of the more common Star Destroyers that the Galactic Empire used, although the main hull was a rather flat, square-bowed platform instead of a deep-keeled dagger. The main engines were mounted in the superstructure rising above the hull platform at the rear, which was topped by a row of sensor globes. The primary armament consisted of two weapons turrets mounted ahead of the superstructure.[2]

The Pursuit-class cruiser had a docking bay capable of launching several TIE Series starfighters, and it was sometimes equipped with more potent TIE Advanced x1 starfighters. In open space, the cruiser's straight-line acceleration seems to have been slightly below that of Millennium Falcon.[2]

The bridge's interior design featured a similar cockpit window design to that of Kuat-designed starships, and featured consoles directly near the windows.


In the Battle of Andalia, the Pursuit-class light cruiser Shepherd, commanded by Grand Admiral Osvald Teshik, led a contingent of two squadrons of TIE fighters and eight gunships to fight the Hapan consortium that was doomed to fail, resulting in the destruction of the ship and the entire fleet.[3] Another Pursuit-class vessel named Enforcement was used as a command ship by Commander Strom in his sector near the Wheel.


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