Biography Information
Homeworld Aether
Species Only known complete model of the Quadraxis-class robot
Age Unknown
Family N/A
Affiliation Ing
Behind the Scenes
Universe Metroid Universe

The ultimate Luminoth combat mechanoid, Quadraxis is the guardian of the Hive Temple found in the depths of the Ing Hive. It's design is based on the Quad, but at a colossal scale. The Quadraxis battle is long and difficult, with there being up to four different phases in the battle.

Battle with SamusEdit

Quadraxis is first seen in the courtyard in front of the Sanctuary Fortress Temple, with various pieces of the robot strewn about the room. The actual fight takes place on the room's Dark Aether counterpart. Before the fight, the Quadraxis is inactive and standing in the center of the courtyard. Suddenly, Ing appear and infest the massive war machine. It becomes hostile due to being possessed and attacks Samus, who had barely walked twelve paces into the room.

In the first phase of the battle, Quadraxis attacks by sending shockwaves by stomping and by shooting energy bolts from its head. There are red-glowing antennae on its feet, which will cause Quadraxis to lose shielding on its legs and drop energy and missiles when hit two or three times with a ram from the Boost Ball. After it loses these, the knees become vulnerable to weapons fire and the robot begins to use its strongest weapon, a powerful Annihilator Beam shot. A knee becomes vulnerable when it is flashing blue, and powerful attacks like the Super Missile or Seeker Missile can easily destroy them in several shots. After losing the knees, the legs become useless and the main body slumps to the floor. The head abandons the crippled body, the latter aiding the former by broadcasting tactical data with a sonic transmitter. To sever connection between the head and the body, Samus must switch to the Echo Visor, which adds a sonic pulse to her beam shots in order to disable sonic security transmitters, and then fire at the transmitter until it retracts. Then the head will deploy three antennae in order to restore connection. These should also be attacked while using the Echo Visor. During this phase, the head will attack as long as it's connected to the transmitter, and will deploy Dark Quads to defend it when it loses connection. Once its three antennae are out, the Quadraxis goes mad and crashes into the body, shattering the shielding on its head and exposing two bomb slots. The surface of the exposed head is charged with magnetic energy, so Samus must use the Spider Ball to climb the magnetic rails on the crippled body and then use the Boost Ball to leap onto Quadraxis, then lay a Morph Ball Bomb in one of the slots and repeat. Even though it can't fight on its own now, it still deploys Dark Quads to help it. After bombing its head, the Quadraxis starts to explode, sending Samus flying and using her Gravity Boost to safely land nearby. Upon landing, she poses while the Quadraxis explodes behind her.


  • It has been noted that the Crippled Head Module looks similar to an Aurora Unit, which could possibly mean that *Quadraxis was based on Mother Brain.


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