Langdon Cobb

Quantum Lichen People are similar to Humans in terms of their physical form, apart from their faces which they hide.

So far, Langdon Cobb is the most well-known of his species. He resides on Earth as the greatest actor in the universe.


Quantum Lichen People are parasites that feed on the life-force of all living beings, except themselves. They are well known across the galaxy and they feed off the attention of others therefore feeding their egos, which in-turn they use as an energy force.

Now, only a few exist in the galaxy and the famous actor "Langdon Cobb" is one of the few left of his species.

Symbiotic BondEdit

All of them have a fungus counterpart that stores the life-forces of those they drain, while also serving as pets. Quantum Lichens are composed of an Earth's algae component, they serve as IDs drawing attention from its prey. The fungus component represents their ego, absorbing and growing from the attention they receive and life-forces they drain.


They feed on attention, admiration and life-force, thus some will participate in things that their prey will pay attention to, (like acting, in Cobb's case).

A photo of them will also have the same effect: their life-force will be sucked out and stored in the fungus-ego component, empowering the both Quantum Lichen and the fungus ego.

Fungus ComponentEdit

Langdon Cobb's fungus component is similar to a large dog with green covered mushrooms all over its body and jowl tendrils. Unlike their Lichen half, they are aggressive to people; they are sworn to serve their Quantum Lichen half.

Mushroom Dog


They seem to be weakened when someone else steals the attention of their prey, shrinking and ultimately destroying their fungus-ego.

The Lichen are so self-centered they can be distracted by the vision of their own face (like on a photo), causing their fungus ego component to overload and explode.

They can't feed on machines and robots because they don't have any soul or life-force to drain; this means that assuming a robot can get close enough to the lichen's "Id" form (humanoid half) without being torn apart by the fungal ego, that robot will be in a position to harm it.

Known MembersEdit

  • Langdon Cobb: A very famous Quantum Lichen actor wearing a bag on his head in his life and living in Hollywood on Earth.
    • Langdon Cobb's Dog/Fungus Ego Component


  • Langdon Cobb appeared in Futurama Season 9 episode 4, "The Thief of Baghead."
  • Quantum Lichen love getting all the attention and act like jerks when someone steal their moment of glory.
  • They tend to be very talented and mostly appear in media or entertainment businesses.

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