Quarren was a Kyrian who was the curator of the Kyrian Museum of Heritage in the 31st century. The museum featured a section devoted to the USS Voyager which depicted Voyager and Captain Kathryn Janeway as having started a bloody civil war between the Kyrians and Vaskans on the planet over seven hundred years prior. Despite this view of the crew's history, Quarren was always fascinated by the idea of the ship's journey, having first learned about it when he was too young to realize the implications of their perceived role in his history, and often wondered if Voyager had ever made it home.

While examining some old ruins, Quarren discovered Voyager's EMH backup module and activated it. Horrified at the way Voyager and its crew are portrayed in Kyrian history, The Doctor told Quarren the truth about the war in an attempt to correct the historical inaccuracies. The Doctor discovered a tricorder that he believed contained scans which would prove that Voyager had nothing to do with the civil war, and a Kyrian hero was not killed by Janeway. While examining the tricorder, Quarren spoke of his old fascination with Voyager, The Doctor reflecting that Quarren would have made a fine addition to their crew. When a group of Vaskans learned about the hologram, they attacked and destroyed most of the museum because it was filled with lies. Fighting also erupted outside in the streets. The Doctor told Quarren to deactivate his program because it might cause another civil war. Quarren refused, stating that the truth was important, or his people would continue to kill each other over the same old lies and misunderstandings. He and The Doctor proceeded to find more evidence of the truth about the civil war, and to educate the people.

Quarren died six years later but lived long enough to see his discoveries lead to an understanding between the Kyrians and Vaskans. A new museum was constructed that showed the truth about what happened in the civil war. After years serving as the surgical chancellor for the two races, The Doctor boarded a shuttle for the Alpha Quadrant to trace Voyager's path home. (VOY: "Living Witness")

Background informationEdit

Quarren was played by Henry Woronicz.

Quarren is also a species that was known to use memory modification to alleviate their workforce shortages by abducting and enslaving the crews of passing ships. (VOY: "Workforce", "Workforce, Part II")

Quarren is also the name of a species in Star Wars.

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