Quarzite was a planet composed of crystalline caves and with a surface that was strained by strong atmospheric pressure, with the ability to crush starships and flatten beings. During the Clone Wars, the planet was ruled by the tyrannical Belugan Otua Blank, who was involved in a battle with the natives on the planet, the Kage Warriors.


The planet was purple in color, and its interior was dotted with crystalline caverns of equalized pressure, allowing for life to be present on the planet.

Quarzite Caverns

The interior, habitable caverns of the planet

An immense turbolift shaft allowed access to these interior habitable regions from space, and Subtram was the primary method of planetary travel.


During the Clone Wars the planet maintained its neutrality, but was not without its own problems. It was ruled by the harsh Belugan dictator Otua Blank. His rule was constantly threatened by the Kage Warriors, who were led by Krismo Sodi.


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