Techno-organic planet and protective nature reserved, inhabitanted by many techno-organic creatures.

History Edit

Once a civilized races rule the planet until, out worlders mining their world for life-giving Quaza stones.

After, stop mining soon the ancient races disappeared and now it's highly protected by Hero Factory's company. 

Inhabitants Edit

Variety of animals exists here excepts for any sentient intelligent lifeforms yet. Until, few a thousands later. One semi-sentient life forms exist today called a "Ogrum."


  • Waspixs
  • Fangz
  • Raw-Jaws
  • Skopios
  • Quatros's birds

Newly discovered species 


  • In Hero Factory:Savage Planet, only five species were seen in the series.
  • In Brain Attack, sentient life do exist and resembles peaceful ogres called "Ogrums"

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