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The leader of the Banshee Clan. Almost a counterpart to Rinaker, she's determined that her people should survive and thrive on Earth - even if it means sabotaging and retarding human innovation, for technology is poisonous to Banshees. Mab banishes Sh'Lainn from their clan for joining the Alliance, also branding her as a traitor and target. The conflict with the Alliance as well as bitterness for Sh'Lainn leads Mab to even summon Minotauri warriors - a technological race previously sealed by the Banshee - in order to kill Sh'lainn, but her efforts were thwarted by Nick. In the end, she forgives Sh'lainn and welcomes her back into the Banshee Sisterhood.


First appearance: Episode 1 - The Bait (Part 1).


  • She's named after Queen Mab, a famous fairy first described in William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet.

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