R60 T-wing
The T-wing interceptor was an interceptor originally designed to replace the A-wing. Unfortunately for the Rebellion, the end result turned out to be a poor replacement for the craft.


Like the A-wing, the T-wing was a light fast-response starfighter. The ship's speed was similar to a TIE Interceptor, but it also included hyperdrive capability. With shield and hull strength similar to that of the Z-95 Headhunter, this craft would not last long if it was hit accurately by even a medium-power salvo.

Maneuverability was another disappointment to its designers, as it was less maneuverable than the A-wing. As per the A-wing, weapons were light, with only dual laser cannons being fitted in order to maintain maneuverability. However, the T-wing's warhead load was equal to that of an X-wing, making it a good multi-role fighter in the hands of a competent pilot.


The Rebels used this fighter for only a short time before deciding to sell it to neutral factions, hoping to at least gain a profit. Unexpectedly, the T-wing proved very effective in the hands of such pilots as the nomadic pirate leader Ali Tarrak, and the fighter quickly became popular with independents and proliferated across the galaxy.

Although it never saw much use in the Rebel Alliance, they nonetheless created a model for the starfighter to distribute to attendees of Remembrance Day, their analog to Empire Day.


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