Raahm and Saahm

Raahm (above) and Saahm (below) in their human forms.

Raahm and Saahm are Orsians who were prisoners on SAR TOP prison in the Migar system before the mass escape.


Although not a lot is known about why Saahm was imprisoned, it is known that Raahm was a tracker previously. However, for one reason or another he was sentenced to imprisonment on SAR TOP, which proved to be a nightmare for Raahm when the inmates realized who he was due to Daggon. As such, Raahm swore that he would have his revenge on Daggon - whom he felt betrayed him.

After escaping from SAR TOP, Raahm and Saahm took over human bodies. Although they themselves are twins, the bodies they inhabit are different in appearance. In a plan they have, Raahm intends to find and break into Area 51 to find a 'crystal map', while Saahm keeps Cole  busy - with the pair having killed a drug dealer a few days beforehand. Visiting the 'crash site' with a map from a cafe, Raahm is able to see from touching the dirt all what happened - seeing an image of army officers digging out the spacecraft that crashed in Roswell in 1947. Killing a tourist by dragging him into the ground, Raahm takes his keys before heading off to Area 51.

When Cole investigates the dead dealer's apartment, he finds and fights Saahm - easily defeating him and taking his life force as well as the telepathic ring that he wore around his neck. Using his know-how and technology - along with jelly/jello - Cole is able to intercept the mental transmissions from Saahm and control what Raahm hears. Listening to Raahm's telepathic messages, he learns that Raahm is heading for Roswell. When asked about Roswell by Cole, Mel explains to him that it was the site of an apparent alien crash landing in 1947, from which Cole explains that Cirronian sources spoke of a ship piloted by 'treasure hunters' that went missing while near Earth. Deciding to go to New Mexico, Cole asks Mel to keep track of Raahm's transmission and make sure the jelly doesn't melt, otherwise they will be able to talk to each other.


Raahm while disguised as a soldier.

Cole tracks Raahm's trail - finding the crash site using a map from the same cafe and the body of the man Raahm killed before continuing on to Area 51. Raahm, meanwhile, kills a soldier by dragging him underground and suffocating him before taking his clothes, I.D and vehicle to enable himself to gain access to the site - finding the alien craft inside and looking for the crystal map. Cole, however, catches up and sneaks inside the building as well - although he has to knock a soldier unconscious who spots and tries to arrest him. Cole manages to find Raahm after he acquires the map, but due to Raahm's disguise, the soldiers attempt to arrest him. Cole, however, uses his hyper-time ability to escape and continue pursuing Raahm. Hearing Raahm tell Saahm to call Zin and tell him to meet with Raahm at the 'rendezvous' point, Cole realizes where Raahm is going and meets him at the cafe where they both got the map to the crash site.

Cole confronts Raahm and shows that his brother has been captured, along with the notion that Zin never

Cole takes Raahm's life force.

received his message and so is not coming. Meeting outside, the two fight - with Raahm getting an early advantage by using a nitrogen spray that weakens Cole, due to his vulnerability to cold temperature. During the fight, however, Cole's power is rejuvenated due to hot steam from nearby pipes - with him turning the tables on Raahm and taking his life force. Upon trying to find the crystal map, however, Cole finds it missing.

Unbeknown to Cole, the lady who runs the Cafe finds the crystal and places it with her collection of alien/UFO paraphernalia. Cole, meanwhile, returns to the Watchfire - with Jess getting him to try breathing through an oxygen tank (due to it been a new trend in the bars). However, the tanks have been mixed up - with Cole speaking with a higher voice due to it been helium instead of oxygen (although it gives Mel something to giggle at).


Tracker (TV Series) - Episode 3: Roswell

Tracker (TV Series) - Episode 22: Remember When (Stock Footage)

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