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Biography Information
Homeworld Vegeta
Species Saiyan
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Affiliation Frieza
Status Deceased
Behind the Scenes
Universe Dragon Ball

Raditz was one of the extremely few Saiyans to survive the catastrophe that befell their homeplanet (only eight survivors are known to have existed, although since almost all of these died on Earth and given the size of the galaxy - let alone the universe if their technology could handle such a feat - it is significantly possible that many others existed too). He was Bardock's first son, and as such is the older brother of Kakarot (later renamed on Earth to Goku by Grandpa Gohan). Unlike his father and his brother, Raditz's mentality runs more parallel to the common Saiyan ideals and he is considerably sadistic and ruthless, although to a lesser extent than Prince Vegeta. He is considered the weakest of the surviving Saiyans, likely due to his low-class Saiyan genetics and subsequent upbringing; he also likely did not suffer many near-death experiences, as recovering from such grievous wounds greatly increases a Saiyan's power level.

He, Prince Vegeta, and Nappa continued to work for the World Trade Organization under Frieza after the eradication of their species, unknowingly serving the one who put their kind to genocidal death. It was he who went searching for Earth in an attempt to locate and recruit his younger sibling but was aghast and disgusted to find that Kakarot had turned away from his heritage to serve a far more benevolent purpose. He tried to return his brother to their species' murderous tendencies by kidnapping Gohan and threatening "Goku" with having to kill a hundred Humans if he ever wished to see his own son again. During this time however, Raditz discovered that Gohan was even stronger than Goku was, and upon seeing his brother bring another to aid in the battle (something apparently considered cowardly in a warrior race such as their own), he sentenced Goku to death.

Raditz (Oozaru)

Raditz in his seldom-seen Oozaru (Great Ape) Form.

Unfortunately for Raditz, Goku and Piccolo tricked him by grabbing his tail to subdue him with agonizing pain and then Goku held him in place while Piccolo killed both brothers with his Special Beam Cannon. Even in death Raditz proved arrogant, however, and tricked his opponents into revealing information about the Dragon Balls and how they would be used to revive Goku. Raditz secretly transmitted this data to Prince Vegeta and Nappa, believing that they would arrive on the planet and revive him. Instead they plotted immortality and left "that weakling Raditz" to spend eternity in Hell. While Raditz escaped Hell a few times - and even apparently struck up a relationship with Princess Snake of Snake Way - his freedom was never permanent.


  • When Frieza first meets Gohan he mistakenly assumes that he is Raditz's son.
  • Raditz's power level (measure of ki output, which determines strength, speed, and other combat-relevant abilities) is 1,200, making him almost four times more powerful than anyone else on Earth at the time of his first appearance. Despite this, he is weak by Saiyan standards.