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The Rakaans were an insectile race native to the planet Rakaa IV. The Rakaans were a vicious race that had been known to eat humans and other offworlders. The average, ten-limbed Rakaan had a segmented body with an enlarged abdomen and mottled green-and-brown coloration. The lower eight legs were used for locomotion, while the upper pair was equipped with prehensile hands and opposable digits. They could eject a web-like substance to capture their prey, and secretions from their mouths were used to dissolve the webbing once their prey had died. This mouth was located underneath the abdomen, and was surrounded by stout mandibles. In Rakaan physiology, there were five sexes: child, neuter, female, male, and andro. Each sex corresponded to a phase in the Rakaan lifecycle, and could last up to eighty years. Each change from one sex to another was known as a Transition.

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