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Universe Star Wars Universe
Homeworld Taris
Average Height Varied
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Sapient

Rakghouls were created by the Sith artifact known as the Murr Talisman. The Sith who created the Talisman - Karness Muur - learned that he could not turn specific species or force-sensitives into Rakghouls. He then designed a plague that would turn anyone into a Rakghoul if they were scratched or bitten by the monsters. Rakghouls were found commonly in the Taris Undercity and sewers where they thrived. The Outcasts of Taris put the infected in a cage, waiting for them to mutate and destroy each other, as the Sith kept the cure to the infected to themselves.

APPEARANCE: Rakghouls are a pale white, and some have black sripes on their heads.

ABILITIES: Rakghouls are mindless killing machines. They can use a special poison that causes an opponent damage. They are deadly adversaries as they can infect others who very quickly (between 6 - 48 hours) turn into Rakghouls themselves. They are extremly fast and strong, making them difficult to defeat.

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