Ranth UAA

The Ranth were a mammalian race native to the planet Caaraz, the Ranth were humanoid carnivores with bluish fur and flat muzzles. Their mouths were filled with short, sharp teeth. They live on the glacial plains of the dark side of Caaraz, hunting for food whenever conditions allow it. There were two distinct factions of Ranth: those that remain hunters and animal-like in their ways, and those that have become more civilized and have become integrated with the galactic community. They were a short-tempered race, and seem to have little knowledge of their own history as a species. Individual families, however, maintain detailed histories of their own. Each Ranth community, therefore, had its own versions of history, and a planetwide government was never established. This was quickyl changed when the Empire discovered Caaraz, which had come to take the eleton gas from the planet. The Ranth could initially put up no resistance, and the Empire later employed the more civilized Ranth as hunters and bodyguards, safeguarding the local garrison against the planet's predators. However, the Empire began dumping its waste and fouling the environment, and the uncivilized Ranth became angry. They began ambushing Imperial soldiers and raiding bases. The Imperials demanded that the civilized Ranth put an end to this, and they began to hunt down their brethren. This led to a number of small skirmishes between Ranth communities and the Imperial forces, and kept the Ranth from emerging onto the galactic scene with a large presence. With the death of the Empire in the wake of the Battle of Endor, the civilized Ranth began to take control of former Imperial outposts, turning them into overcrowded cities. They also pushed their uncivilized brethren further into the wilderness, continuing to deepen the animosity between them.

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