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Giant Rao star

Rao is the giant red star which the planet Krypton orbits. As its star it is the central body of the Rao System.


what type of star Rao is varies from continuity to continuity, but it is always without fail a red star of some sort.

  • (Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel) Rao is a red dwarf star, in a few million years it is expected to flare into a supernova and incinerate the remaining inner planets before imploring into a white dwarf star, possibly eventually collapsing into a black hole.


The location of the star varies extremely by continuity, most continuities place it in space sector 2813 (designated by the green lantern corp).

  • (Superman: Last Son of Earth) The star is located within space sector 1003.
  • (Superman Adventures) The star is located 27 light years away from earth.
  • (Post Flashpoint) The Star is located 27 light years from earth
  • (Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel) The sun Rao is roughly fifty lightyears away from the planet earth.

Cultural SignificanceEdit

Rao was named after the Kryptonian sun god of the same name.


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