Biography Information
Homeworld Manpha
Species Shawda Ubb
Gender Male
Affiliation Max Rebo Band, Rebaxan Columni
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars

Rapotwanalantonee "Rappertunie" Tivtotolon is a Shawda Ubb musician who plays a flute-like instrument called the Growdi Harmonique in the Max Rebo Band.


Born in the swamp world Manpha, Rappertunie wanted to travel to other planets. Playing his beloved instrument to finance his trip, he eventually found himself on the desert world of Tatooine, were he joined Max Rebo's band, playing in Jabba's palace. Unfortunately, the arid weather of Tatooine is bad for Shawda Ubb, and he had to quit the band. After leaving Tatooine, he started a new career as an engineer in the Rebaxan Columni company.