A Raptor

The Raptor are a highly pious species of reptilians, with an extensive polytheistic religion that has a near infinite number of gods. Raptors are often easily insulted, since even the smallest action can be a major offense to one of their many deities.


Raptors are easily the most socially unstable race in the game, since most of the other races are offensive to their religion, especially the war-like Mortok, who had fought the Raptor in a massive war long ago. The Raptor religion, being a widespread polytheism, also causes disputes between Raptors, usually escalating into battles between opposing sects or fanatic cults. According to a quote from one of the characters, there are roughly 2.3 gods per Raptor, so the total amount of Raptor gods is nigh-incalculable. However, many of these are minor gods. According to quotes from Raptor dialogue, there is a great collective of major gods that they call "The Threehundred". As the name would suggest, there are roughly three hundred major gods.


Raptor (2)

Raptor ship

Raptor vessels and stations are built in elegant designs, and usually are navy blue and yellow in color. The Raptor's weapon of choice is the ion cannon and missile launcher. Raptor ion cannons are very powerful against shields, usually draining a ship's shield energy in several shots. However, the cannons are not as effective against a ship's hull, so they employ missile launchers to deal the final blow. When being pursued, Raptor ships drop mines that can deal severe damage to an unwary foe.


The Thul are from the space-flight simulator game, DarkStar One (computer version) and DarkStar One: Broken Alliance (Xbox360 version).

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