Universe Mass Effect Universe
Cluster Armstrong Nebula
System Gagarin System
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Unspecified
Primary Terrain Barren Wasteland
Radius 5,171 km
Day Length 60.5 Earth Hours
Atmospheric Pressure 0.84 Earth Atmospheres
Surface Temperature 46° Celsius
Surface Gravity 0.87 g
Notable Species Geth

Rayingri is a small, barren terrestrial world. While it possesses a reasonably temperate climate and a number of useful resources, no mining corporation is willing to risk investment. It has become the staging grounds of the Geth, with a major outpost located on its surface. Deposits of titanium, polonium, and thorium may all be found here.

A rogue planetoid, dubbed Vahtz by the initial Salarian surveyor team, entered the system approximately ten thousand years before the year 2183, and was trapped in a decaying orbit around Rayingri. It is nearing the end of its slow spiral inwards. Earthquakes and cyclonic windstorms are increasingly common on Rayingri.

Within a few hundred years, the planets will rip each other apart. Some Asari travel consortiums have already announced sponsorship of cruises to observe the spectacle.

An independent "mom and pop" salvage team recently worked on its surface, but they were killed by the local Geth forces. The Rachni also appear to exist here, as their songs can be heard in a specific location, likely indicating a subterranean hive just below the surface.

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