Red Moon
FFIVTAY red moon
System Solar System
Suns Sun
Orbital position 4
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary terrain Rocklands, caves
Native fauna Hummingway, Gavel Worm
Immigrated species Lunarian
Major settlements
  • Lunar Ruins
  • Crystal Palace
  • Hummingway Home
  • Behind the Scenes
    Universe Final Fantasy Universe

    The Red Moon is the smaller of the two moons orbiting the Earth in Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

    The [[]]s dwell in the Red Moon in their Lunar Sleep, along with native forms, such as the Hummingway, flans, bacteria and the legendary Bahamut. It has eight crystals.

    Other Appearances Edit

    In Dissidia Final Fantasy, the Lunar Subterrane stage is based on the Red Moon's surface, and was originally named "Moon Canyon" in Japan. It features the Crystal Palace and the Lunar Whale on its background. Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street MobileEdit, the Red Moon is present returns in Itadaki Street Mobile as a stage.

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