The Red Willows were trees which appeared in "The Monster and the Willow."


The red willows grew on the back of a gigantic turtle which lived in the Black Mud Swamp. Most of the willows looked like normal trees and grew in a spiral shape around their leader so that the free spaces between them formed a path leading anyone who landed on the turtle's back to the leader tree.

The Leader Red Willow looked like a big withered willow tree with three yellow eyes and a mouth full of pointed teeth (possibly implying that it was a carnivorous plant) and was the only willow to be really red in color. It gave off a reddish gas which made all creatures around it sleep.


The Leader Red Willow tree is different from the other Red Willows, which look like normal trees with green leaves and brownish trunks. It is larger than the other trees, looks as if it has withered, has few leaves and is completely red in color, and it gives off a sweet-smelling reddish gas which makes all nearby living creatures fall asleep. What is more unusual about it is that it has what looks like 3 eyes, a mouth, and holes on its trunk acting as nostrils and, even if it cannot change its place it can move on the same spot and use its branches as if they were arms. It is very aggressive.

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